Does anyone know a working Snapshot date for WiFi 6 on the Ubiquiti Unifi 6 Lite?

When I run 21.02.0, everything pretty much works. It doesn't support Wifi 6, though, so I wanted to find a snapshot that does.

I've tried running the snapshot built on Sat Oct 23 09:38:22 2021, but it seems like it completely fails to detect any wireless devices. If I start with a fresh config, the "wireless" menu option in LuCI doesn't appear at all, and if I use my existing config, then it doesn't detect the radios and just shows the networks I've set up as dissassociated.

I'd be willing to debug this, but right now my main question is just - does anyone else have an OpenWRT snapshot running on a Unifi 6 Lite with a working WiFi 6 signal, and do you know your snapshot date so I could build it locally & reproduce?

I'd guess that this is another incarnation of Archer C6 v3.2 totally missing wireless radios.

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Thanks! It seems like it.

I've updated to the Sun Oct 24 11:08:07 2021 snapshot, and that works.

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