Does Adblock have any controls from within browser?

I was interest to see that an Adblock is available for OpenWrt.

Currently I use browser based extensions such as uBlock Origin and Ghostery, I find the former more useful to just cut down the clutter of content blocking widgets, cookie notices and so on, but both have an invaluable option.

This being to pause and reload for sites where I need to see the site and they detect the adblocker and will not work with it set. Often I will use uBlock Origin to block their block but sometimes I really need to see the content.

Does the adblock within the browser, I am thinking some client side component to pause it and then put it on again?

Yes, if you installed the Adbblock app for the LuCI web GUI. It's named luci-app-adblock.

This is not considered "client side" - you'd simply assign different DNS servers (on the client) to immediately disable Adblock on the client.

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Just install luci-app-commands ... follow these generic instructions (Switch wifi on/off with http request - #6 by dibdot) and reference the following two commands:

  • /etc/init.d/adblock suspend
  • /etc/int.d/adblock resume

At the end you've got two static links (without credentials, LuCI logins etc.) to control adblock, e.g.