Does a stable release not always include Luci?

I read in several places that I should prefer a stable release of OpenWRT to a snapshot release because the snapshots don't contain Luci preinstalled. I therefore concluded that the stable releases always contain Luci. The other day I installed OpenWRT on the TP-Link EAP615 but could not access Luci on the APs IP address. I installed it manually and it works now.

Was my assumption wrong and not all stable releases have Luci preinstalled?

A stable release like 22.03.5 or 23.05.0-RC1 will always have LuCI installed unless you customize the image and do not include it yourself.

What image did you download?

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The link in the Wiki is actually snapshot.

Try instead:

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Then the wiki page is outdated, it's a matter of commenting and uncommenting a couple for rows in the template.

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Indeed, I hadn't noticed "snapshot" in the table column title but only looked at the column "Current Release" which showed 22.03.5.

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How would I find links to stable releases if they are not in the main Wiki page?

you just know ,)


Main link:

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or even easier is

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