Documentation regarding changing the version identifier

Hi everyone,

when compiling an image, a version identifier like "OpenWrt SNAPSHOT r257+2-8c0a6aaa26" is generated.

I would like to know if there's a documented and recommended way to customize this in order to produce an identifier which includes information about the custom firmware build version.

Say I have 2 different variants based on the same OpenWRT snapshot, I'd like to end up with 2 different version identifiers, eg:

  • Variant A v1.2 (OpenWrt SNAPSHOT r257+2-8c0a6aaa26)
  • Variant B v1.2 (OpenWrt SNAPSHOT r257+2-8c0a6aaa26)

Can I achieve this or something similar by just changing the .config file?

Thanks in advance

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Thanks, this is what I used:


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