Documentation & "Failsafe and factory reset"

When I first time read the " Failsafe Mode, Factory Reset, and Recovery Mode"

The article is quite vague on a couple things.

  • How do I know the fact that I have entered the Failsafe mode? If I ssh into the router may I somehow identify that I'm in the Failsafe mode?
  • How do I actually reset the router? May do this just pressing some buttons on a router?

I tried to restore a saved config, after that I could not connect to the router at all. Then I wanted to do a reset and there's no instructions what buttons I need to press and for how long.

So I powered off the router TP-Link WDR 4300(I have 18.06.1). Pressed Reset button and without releasing the reset button pressed power. After 4-5 seconds I noticed a "refresh led" is on and I released Reset button.
Then I was able to get into the router but all my settings which I was restoring are in the router. I was thinking I'm doing "Hard Reset", but all the settings are there, so the question what kind of reset I did?

Off topic question: Have you considered put documentation in a git repository as markdown so that anyone can contribute by creating PRs?

head -n -0 /etc/banner /etc/banner.failsafe

Thank you very much for the quick response. May be you can help me with that one Openwrt Failsafe mode & tcpdump TP-Link WDR4300

The very first time I was thinking the fact file /etc/banner.failsafe exists means I'm in Failsafe mode.
Then I understood that the file content must be shown once you ssh in.
Then eventually I confirmed after I entered failsafe mode by pressing reset and ssh in.

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