Documentation and picture about RB2011 UiAS-2HnD-IN in not correct

Hi all.
I'm an old user of OpenWRT but a new one on the RB2011 Mikrotik routerboard. We have 20 of them in our Lab and I will flash them to OpenWRT OS.
Searching in the OpenWRT documentation, the rb2011uas-2hnd documentation is not correct, and even the picture of the RouterBoard it's not the real one.
For example, it is said that the "Availability" is "discontinued", but it is still available on the Mikrotiks website.
The OpenWRT documentation for the RB2011 is found in ""
So, I would recommend to review the information.
Thanks a lot.

Are you maybe mixing up UAS vs. UiAS?

That's a generic placeholder picture, since nobody added a real picture until now.


Hi Thomas

You're right ... sorry for the mistake.


Hello mcacho,

Is the RouterOS not up to snuff?
I ask since I am considering dabbling with a RB3011UiAS-RM or RB4011iGS+RM.



I find RouterOS really very good. Nevertheless I search for a similar behaviour (and OpenWRT has it) but also the capability of scripting using GNU-Linux tools, programming languages, installing tools ... and in my opinion, in this case, OpenWRT is unbeatable.

The idea with the 20 RB2011s is to build an educational laboratory in computer networks, and to teach about routing (quagga), switching (vlans 802.1q, firewalling (shorewall), VPNs (openvpn), wireless, monitoring and management (snmp, snort, ...) and so on.

We have already installed the OpenWRT 19.07 in a couple of RB2011 and it works for the moment really fine ...

Thanks to the OpenWRT team.

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Thanks for the reply.

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