Docsis Fiber Configure

Hi everyone,

I installed the openwrt but i am new and inexperienced.

My Internet Service Provider provides internet service to via Docsis standart. But I don't know which wan protocol to choose in openwrt wan interface: DHCP or PPPoE.

Default choosen is DHCP client. Can Mac clone could be a solution? If it is, how will i do to Mac clone? I don't see Mac clone in wan interfaces (i am inexperienced Linux too)

I have got modem Mac adress, but i havent got wan user name and password (isp does not want to share. But if i have to use PPPoE, I will push to get it).

my interfaces

thank you in advance

According to your screenshot, you are already online. Is there anything that's not working correctly?

NB: Your screenshot contains a valid, public IP address. I would redact the line from wan where it says "IPv4:"

Thanks for the quick response. I am online but I sacrifice speed to overcome bufferbloat.

I installed sqm too and i also need to reduce the net speed by 50% to reduce latency.

disable sqm net speed

enable sqm (% 10 decreased the speed in sqm basic seting like sqm configure page)

If i choose download speed to 42.000, upload speed is 4.300 in sqm, bufferbloat grade is happening A+. 88.000 to 42.000

Could this be due to me setting the WAN setting incorrectly?

What is your speed tier from the ISP?

And what is the router?

ubus call system board

My speed 100 Mbps download, 5 mbps upload.
Router Model: ASUS RT-AC1200 V2

If you turn off SQM entirely, do you get the advertised speed?

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You should log into the modem (which is almost always and check the signal status. Look for low SNR ( < 35 dB), high uplink power (>45 dB), or uncorrectable packets (uncorrectable error count > 0). Any of these indicate a problem with the cable connection which will cause slow and/or inconsistent connection.

The first picture above in my second post is sqm off: 88 mbps

Check for the statistics as @mk24 suggested. Some ISPs also offer a network test on their website where the ISP tests the connection to the modem.


Ok, i will look. Thanks.

Below is my connection downstream bonded channels. I guess that's what you meant. Is there anything wrong?

I am connecting ISP's modem and then router.