Docker pull fails - failed to register layer: operation not supported

I may have enabled wrong flags then, did you edit the config file manually or thru make menuconfig?

Either way, maybe you could create the PR and ask for feedback on it?

PS. I gave up and formatted partition which is mounted as /opt with xfs. Everything is working just fine now.

Thanks for your hint,
I don't want to do the heavy lifting and look for a quick fix as you mentioned.
Correct me if I am wrong:

  1. install
    xfs-mkfs, kmod-fs-xfs

  2. create a partition, say
    mkfs.xfs /dev/mmcblk0p3

  3. mount it

  4. point the docker storage to it

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I used the block-mount to create the fstab config file and then edited it to let partition be mounted automatically on boot.

That's easier! Thank you! Let me have a try, cheers.

edited: this xfs solution works!

P.S. I am wondering if this is still an issue in the latest Openwrt release. (Since I am working on a Chinese device which only has Immortalwrt support at 23.05.2 link)

Im running into this issue with my raspberry pi 4b on 23.05.3 so it still seems to be a problem in the latest version. I will repartition my storage and try the xfs solution when I can get it figured out.