Docker container not accessible when using VLAN

Hi guys. I've used this forum for several years and always happy to find answers I'm looking for. However at this moment I'm facing a problem I was not able to find the solution, so made a new topic for this.

Here we go!
I'm busy setting up my brand new NanoPi R5s. The devices was installed with a fresh 22.03.3 installation of FriendlyWrt.

I'd like to use docker to run some services (e.g. Bitwarden). This works like a charm until I make my br-lan VLAN-aware. My LAN network is still accessible (VLAN 1 untagged), but the docker container is not. My LAN is still the same LAN, only running on top of br-lan.1 instead of br-lan. When I run a local nginx reverse proxy, I can make bitwarden accessible so I'm sure it runs.

When I revert the VLAN-aware part back and use br-lan as my LAN-device, the docker-container becomes available again, but in that case I do not have VLAN-functions anymore.

Anyone know how to fix this?

Or try official OpenWrt (if available for your device).

Did you try binding to the tagged interface?

(I realized you never said where you were running containers - and it seems like perhaps the device itself.)

I have no issues using Docker and VLANs here, but that's plain Debian on ARM v8. What I did do though is specify the IP addresses on which my Docker services should listen explicitly. And that works: they are reachable from all VLANs.

So long story short: sounds more like a Docker setup issue and not an OpenWrt one.

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Looks promising. definately will try that.

@lleachii Indeed running on the device itself, mailed FriendlyElec if it is a known bug or how to fix it, but no response yet.

Thanx everybody for the suggestions. If fixed, I will report here for future use.

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As promised I would report back, so here it is.

Last weekend figured out wat was going wrong. The Docker package has a default bridge interface which was used to connect the containers to. However, this default bridge does not allow exposing ports, making it sort of host interface in disguise. Created a new bridge interface fixed all problems.

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