Do you know about device with native USB 3.0 that support OTG (aka guest mode)?

I want to do some experimentation with USB guest mode (showing the device as a mass storage device or ethernet controller or something else), but I need a USB 3.0 port as I'm trying to do something that requires more bandwith than USB 2.0 can provide.

So far I only have found some Up boards (the ones that look like a raspberry Pi clone but are actually using Intel SoCs for tablets, like Atom x5 and such), which claim to have one USB 3.0 OTG with guest capability.

Are there others that you are aware of?

Found a couple interesting resources as you raised my curiosity

No immediate answers on USB 3.0 OTG though, including thinking about well-supported Android phones as a long stretch (at least the kernel and drivers are there for them).

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