Do you guys use terminal mail clients? Which one do you use?

I use mutt. It's not bloated. I use it to mail to myself about various situations. Do you guys use any? Are there any better ones?

Can you clarify how this relates to OpenWrt?

It’s a text based mail client OpenWrt package. I personally use msmtp to send UPS alerts to my Gmail account. mutt isn’t detailed in the wiki.

Openwrt is a very restricted(low ram, storage etc.) environment. Ofc its somewhat related to openwrt. I cant use thunderbird can I? For example transmission with gui didnt work in one of my router, it used too much ram and crashed. I had to use a CLI torrent program. We need another tab for these kind of topics:software. I even use yt-dlp within router. I do various stuff. Why are you always saying these kinds of things to me I am not even here since months maybe.

Btw is there GUI mail clients, like as in with torrent web clients? Btw that wiki page about smtp clients really helped me.

Peter's point about whether this relates to OpenWRT is a good one.

Lots of software that runs on Linux distributions runs on OpenWRT. Some of that is available to install from the packages repository, because someone maintains those packages.

However: I suspect that a large majority of OpenWRT users, especially those who have years and years of experience, would think that running email client software on a router falls into the "just because you can, doesn't mean you should" category. There will always be somebody who does, just because they can. In this case that appears to be you :slightly_smiling_face:


Mail is a rather big attack vector (and at the same time pretty performance demanding, especially for the disk/ IOPs), anything multi-media (pullling in ffmpeg and the various image, video and audio codecs) even more so, with security issues regularly being found (and again a CPU performance hog, as there's often some (partial) kind of transcoding involved). Neither of these belong on the border gateway - and I'm not convinced enough about the (security-) maintenance of these packages, as they aren't really in the primary focus of OpenWrt.

These tasks are better suited for a small ARMv8+ SBC or x86_64 USFF system running a general purpose linux distribution (arch, debian, fedora, gentoo, mandriva/ mageia, OpenSuSE, Ubuntu, …) with in-place updates and a SSD/ HDD as storage (and more CPU/ RAM).


Are we? MUAs, definitely. MTAs are servers that shovel email around, deliver it to users, etc etc.

...yet it seems that mutt is now some 13 revisions behind the main release, one of those revisions being a fix for a CVE (CVE-2022-1328), indicating that the package isn't being fully maintained. Not only that but the driving force behind mutt for the last 11 or so years, Kevin McCarthy, is no longer developing it, just providing bug fixes.

Another reason not to run an email client on a router!


Mea Culpa. My apologies. You are indeed correct.

My original post to Peter was that the package in question is contained in the package repository and therefore should be open to discussion.

And then I conflated his use case to an MTA instead of an MUA.

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Interesting points here. So I better not use mutt then?

I think the general consensus is that using a MUA on OpenWrt is not a good idea for the stated reasons. What is your use case for using mutt?

I mail my ip address to my email every x hours. Because it's not static. Because it's not static, I assume it's significantly safer. Sometimes it changes every 5 hour, sometimes it stays the same IP for 5 days.

Why not use a dynamic dns service? That is a purpose built solution for this need.

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I don't think they are free.

There are many free services. I use

Hmm I might use this. I am intrigued. Thanks.

Sorry to interrupt again. I set this thing up, port forwarding is also enabled for SSH. I could connect with IP address from anywhere before. DDNS setting seems ok. But can't connect when I do ssh ?

have you verified that your ddns hostname/domain name resolves to the same IP address as your router is currently using?

Does the connection via direct IP address work as expected?

Meanwhile, opening ssh to the internet is not a great idea. It is much more secure to use a VPN like Wireguard.

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I use key authentication, password auth is disabled. Even right password won't open it if they don't have the key. Only few machines have the key aswell. This is in fact very secure last time I checked?

ssh is generally considered a larger attack surface than a VPN. Wireguard is not chatty, so no response is returned at all unless the cryptographic keys are valid.