Do you build from master?

I'm having problems with my own compiled v19.07.3 build and I'm thinking of going back to the master trunk. Master is obviously not recommended for stability however. I was just wondering how many people that compile their own firmware use master trunk as their daily driver.

  • Yes
  • No

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I find master better for x86_64 than 19.07 and perfectly stable as far as I'm concerned


I compile off master for x86_64 router and ath79 APs. Generally stable although sometimes there is breakage that is fixed within a few hours to a few days. I like having the freedom to compile ath79 with kernel 5.4 and gcc 9.3, strip out unused/unwanted features and have resulting images that are lean, fast and current.

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I use master for the last couple of years on mvebu, mainly to-do some longterm testing myself for my packages. Yet i only encountered one issues in all those years, maybe lucky?