Do QCA (an other...) radios throttle due to heat?

AP 1 is running a QCA9882 mini pcie adapter.
AP 2 is running a IPQ8071 SOC.

In my quest to squeeze out that last 100mbits (600 vs 700) between my two APs in WDS I found the following:

Initially when I start running a iperf3 session between the two APs, it will start at a fairly steady 650 to 700 mbits. Regardless of direction.

After a while, it will slow down to about 500 mbits.

I was banging my head against the wall as this is fairly random and I thought it was either interference or one of my APs being under load, and on top of that it usually takes some time to happen. But now I am fairly certain: As long as I don't jump in right after a high bandwidth event, I'll be greeted with 700 mbits...

So, two question:

a) I am assuming one / both of these adapters will throttle back due to heat, correct?

b) Does anyone know if ath10k or ath11k has a sysfs interface to read the status of this?

opkg list |grep thermal
cat /sys/devices/virtual/thermal/*/temp
Setup one or two fans/vents ;- )

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Yep, I know about the temp readouts etc via sysfs.

I was wondering if the ath10k/11k drivers export a flag "we are throttled".

I looks like something starts to happen at around 70c.