Do I need to use version listed in wiki, or can I use latest?

I am planning my first install of OpenWRT to a Buffalo WZR-HP-G300NH2 with Buffalo DD-WRT.

The installation instructions in the OpenWRT wiki state to install 14.07 upgrade through SSH:

Is the wiki just not updated? Can I just directly install 19.07 upgrade?

You usually can, since 19.07 is still crispily fresh wiki links might not yet have been updated.

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The top of the wiki does link to 18.06.5, but the actual installation instructions specifically use 14.07 without any note that the latest version can be substituted. This is just a little confusing for this new OpenWRT user.

Probably because the author of that page used 14.07, at that time the most recent stable release. There's a lot of automation but that's something one-off (directly migrating from other third party firmwares is not recommended).

@openletter Please confirm if it worked, if not, do revert back to the OEM firmware and follow the wiki instructions for flashing from there. If 19.07 works for you then the wiki data can be updated.

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The dataentries will be updated to 19.07 over the weekend.

I think so too.

When the instructions are updated, they should refer as much as possible to "the images shown in the table above", i.e. the datatable showing the download links. This way the instructions will always be up to date, without the need to adjust the download link with each new release.

Should there be the rare case that a specific older version is required, it should be mentioned explicitly and with emphasis (like "Note: 17.01.5 image required, more recent releases will not work / lead to bootloop / config changes can not be saved / other reasons for not working.")


Well, I installed 19.07 upgrade version and so far, so good!

What would indicate to me that I shouldn't have done it this way?

I have another device, a Buffalo WZR-600DHP and I notice the instructions for this one state to use the install image through the OEM GUI.

OpenWrt factory images are built to mimic the manufacturer's images. They don't (and cannot be expected to) take into account third party installation mechanisms (not even OpenWrt's upgrade mechanism; that's what the sysupgrade images are for).

I'm not really clear on this when using Linux commands. Did DD-WRT do their own implementation of mtd?

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