Do I need a seperate modem for Archer A7 with BT VDSL?


I have a BT (UK) Fibre 1 plan which I believe is probably "VDSL/FTTC". At the moment I am operating the Archer A7 in essentially a poor man's bridge mode with the ISP supplied router (BT Smart Hub 2).

Is it possible to connect the Archer A7 directly to the internet line coming in? I have tried configuring it with the VDSL settings from the isp configuration page but I simply get pppoe timeout waiting for pado packets. From searching the forum is seems like this is pretty generic error.

Before I attempt to debug further I though I would ask the stupid question, is this actually possible with the Archer A7? I'm finding it a bit confusing whether or not you need a seperate modem in this situation or not.

Thanks for any help.

AFAIK the A7 doesn't have a *DSL modem built in.

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