Do I have to put my real name in the Makefile?

Hi folks. So I'm planning to submit a pull request to add my project to the OpenWrt repository. Reading this document, I'm seeing this:

Author and sign-off must match and be a real name or known identity and a real email address. GitHub private email addresses will not be accepted.

Now I'm ok with signing off the PR with my real name, however I don't really want to publicize my main email address, and I don't want to put either in the Makefile. Also the copyright in my files just says antonk. I know, it's funny and not really effective copyright-wise, but I care more about my privacy than about copyright of my open source work.

So is this acceptable or does the name in the Makefile need to be my full real name?

You’re in luck (I think). There is a current discussion here that might be relevant.

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Reading this discussion reminds me of the South Park episode about Game of Thrones, where (as Butters put it) "I'm waiting for the darn dragons to show up and kick everyone's butts but all I get is wiener wiener wiener..." Did they vote in the end?

Looking at the mailing list it hasn't taken place (I guess someone needs to take initiative but the discussion is only like 4 days old so that's probably why) so right now the status quo stands that real name + email is required.


As I understand, they are discussing what name is on the signature. This doesn't directly address my question about the Makefile. As I said, putting my real name on the signature is fine with me. What I'm not thrilled about is putting my real name on the package since this is much more public than the commit signature.

That is why I couched my reply in the manner I did.

I really have the same concerns.

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Any chances that someone can give an authoritative answer here?

Ah I see, I just assumed the policy would affect both the same, as one of the concerns (as I've understood it) is that not using a real name makes it hard to know who to contact and attribute changes to (even that's debatable tho) for traceability, which would affect the Makefile as well.

I think you need to either post to the mail list or get onto IRC and post in either #openwrt or #openwrt-devel ( for a quick answer, or just hope that a core maintainer sees your post.

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Are you in a position to setup a separate mail address/alias? E.g. support@… dev@…

You’re right to be concerned though, within 2 weeks of including my alias in a public commit it received spam.


I have a separate Gmail account, hope this will do

Make a disposable gmail and some alias.

No formal vote has taken place yet.