Do fritzbox routers spy on computers? gateways

I'm no expert in computers and routers but you are.. Just wondering about the fritzbox gateways.. They assign an ip of: as the router example and you could get an ip of at the computer and netmask
Broadcast address at etc...

And they constantly ping or show connections with all kind of stuff.. ntp and so on.. and => and so on..

I'm using original firmware on the fritzbox and connected that to another one.. I still get these gateways ip's...I would really want openwrt and normal routes and stuff.

Can i connect the routers so i get more privacy maybe? Feels like these routers and modems are really bloated.. closed source.
Do they spy on computers and act as a "man in the middle" and sniff traffic or what? I just saw a bunch of addresses and i like to remove those and just have my connections
really.. Any tips? I did not get my adsl openwrt router to work with the ISP. If i would have got normal addresses and routes..
I'm paranoid i guess, but who likes closed source routers.. Few people that like software do.. I read they have backdoors into their routers and so on.. Plus all of the unknown addresses.
You can't trust anyonein this day and age. The digital spy age, kinda. I need to debloat that router. Cant you but pre-made adsl routers with open source pre-installed that works everywhere instead?

I'm gonna get some hardware firewall in the future so i can sniff with snort and stuff.. Just watch the traffic. I want an overview, because others don't seem to respect people anymore. I read that oracle tracked 5 billion people also. 5 billion people. Tracked!
And people hack one another.. Without even asking apparently and just creep on people. No respect online today it seems like for peoples private spheres.
That plus hardware back-doors like intel me in like every computer, and you have no clue if it's disabled or not and so on. And they just spy on people.. Probably more then 5 billion people i assume. So you just can't trust hardware anymore. Routers, anything.


I switched from a fritzbox 7530 to draytek 167 + belkin rt3200 openwrt. This works really fine for me.I think the fritzbox is „phoning“ constantly at home. Do you use any smarthome device with fritzbox like fritz dect or mesh repeater ? This cause „phoning“ at home constantly. Why I switched my entire router. Well I think you are not wrong with spying. Most people are using fritzbox in germany I would say over 70% of people and the government is not enabling to use which router you want.

hello. Sounds good. I did not get an adsl router to work yet with my iso dont know if they blocked some other firmwares or if its the settings or whatever..
But about the fritzbox.. They could be sold around the world and they would still phone home.. But what do they collect? If someone uses vpn, do they still track you?
Do they hack computers and make it easy with their setup and gateways, or do they respect peoples computers and such? When you think about how their gateway and ip is setup.. They could maybe spy on computers and hack them i do not know. So i ask here. Al of the unknown addresses. It's allot of them. dns lookups or whatever it is. A bunch of random addresses that openwrt would not even have.. Thank you

I think „phoning“ at home is necessary because with most fritzbox routers you can use a smartphone app and you can edit, turn on wifi , turn off wifi , etc. Just with your mobile phone provider ( app access router ). Fritzbox is using in this situation cloud service. Therefore phoning is constantly. But I think there is more like you mentioned on your first post.

In Germany, users have the choice which router to use (in theory)
But many people don't care, as long as the "device" given to them by their provider does the job.
Voice over IP has become standard in Germany.
Almost all Fritzboxes have a build in SIP & DECT functionalllity, many people use it. (produces traffic)
If you do not disable "automatic search for updates", the box will "phone home" for updates.
Dynamic DNS updates, NTP, ...
And probably more features.


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Thanks. So how do i disable that in the router? Just the "automatic search for updates" setting? I need to do that. Thank you

yes turn this off

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download and read the manual.


Thanks.. Yeah but when that is turned off they don't spy or hack computers right? That's not in their tl:dr privacy policy right? The gateway ip setup is just how it is.. I'm going to try that. Thanks very much. :slight_smile:

It's twisted that "intel me" and hardware backdoors might be in privacy policies nobody even reads btw.

here you can also take a look

Thanks.. yeah i looked through the router a bit.. Disabled what i could. Thanks for all of your answers. Peace out

Yes, turn that off so you will not get notified when AVM provides a new firmware image 3 days after a security issue has been found and that security issue will live happily for months in your fritzbox.

Apart from that, what does this discussion have to do with OpenWrt?


To elaborate on @MangoMan's very correct but also very terse reply:

Somewhat confusingly to beginners, is, to all intents and purposes, not a "real" domain in use on the public internet. If you ask public DNS servers, IPs in the range resolve to (fully qualified) domain names under, and vice versa. But that IP range is reserved for multicast in the local network. Requests to IPs in the range never leave your local network. If your FritzBox is showing requests to, it is really telling you that it (or one service running on the FritzBox) is yelling into the local network for devices to answer.

As for NTP, well, that is time synchronisation. Given that routers usually don't come with real time clocks, you probably want to synchronize their local time from the internet.

No. Neither are examples for security flaws nor the FritzBox "phoning home".

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