Dnsmasq very chatty

Mainly because dnsmasq does not allow for dynamic IPv6 prefix management. You either need to let it handle everything autonomously, breaking many system integrations or you have to frequently pregenerate updated configs for it and restart the process, leading to a loss of state.



options for dhcp sections.

Name: `dhcpv6`

Specifies whether DHCPv6 server should be enabled ( `server` ), relayed ( `relay` ) or disabled ( `disabled` )

So if you use odhcp for all DHCP, do you lose any integrations/functionality (other than NTP advertisements as noted by @anon45274024).

just as general note on cluttered system logs I am using syslog-ng to filter out from the main log whatever I want out of it, e.g.

filter {
  		not (facility(kern) and match("DROP" value("MESSAGE")));
  		not (program(sshd) or program(cron) or  program(odhcpd) or program(dnsmasq));

and get it written into separate logs files (that are not conveniently accessible via LuCI though but only through ssh file browser). Maybe one day there will be a LuCI file browser :slight_smile:

I looked again, and I do have that section, too... sorry. I even have the same trigger option there.

What I can confirm is that I do not see those messages on the logs.

@WiteWulf, @supersebbo, This is slightly OT, but in fact very relevant to that long-duration open bug report. Simon Kelley (author of dnsmasq) has worked solo to build the package across all sorts of devices, architectures, kernels, etc. His work is not funded by anyone, he's working very hard, and he's making decisions about where to focus.

Eric Raymond (esr) had started a social network to provide funding to those "Load Bearing Internet People". He discusses it in his blog posting Loadsharers: Funding the Load Bearing Internet People Consider funding some of the people on his list (like Simon). Thanks.


Absolutely respect his work and it wasn't a dig at him. In fact this 'bug', as noted above, is nothing to do with dnsmasq, rather the OpenWRT default config of using two different DHCP servers side by side.

I agree, and wasn't criticizing. I just wanted to publicize the Loadsharers so people like Simon might get support. (I'll put a longer stand-alone note on the Forum soon...) Thank you.

For a simple home network would turning off IPv6 by disabling oducpd be OK?
Sorry if this is a really dumb question.

Why do you want to disable it?
In any case, you can't easily disable IPv6 LLA.

I have a similar problem to that described above, lots of host reloads and a large(ish) adblock list that causes the router to have a little think and holding up traffic.