Dnsmasq gets started twice, LEDE SNAPSHOT r4234-1422dab66e


in current snapshots I observed on different boxes that the dnsmasq process gets started twice:

The regular process as dnsmasq user and a "stealth" one (with full resources!) as root user. In ubus/procd I see only the regular process:

root@blackhole:~# ubus call service list '{"name":"dnsmasq"}'
	"dnsmasq": {
		"instances": {
			"cfg02411c": {
				"running": true,
				"pid": 10776,
				"command": [
				"term_timeout": 5,
				"respawn": {
					"threshold": 3600,
					"timeout": 5,
					"retry": 5

Maybe a procd or dnsmasq change!?

Anyone else?

That's normal, see here:

Well it's introduced & enabled by default 2 days ago with this commit.

Hopefully this will be reverted or disabled by default, see my comment here:



the dnsmasq maintainer provided a fix in trunk: https://git.lede-project.org/?p=source.git;a=commit;h=8b486ec2b52056b737a4ce64a2040a9a27a6bd60