Dnsmasq confusion

From OpenWrt Project documentation:

In /etc/hosts DNS entries are configured. dnsmasq will utilize these entries to answer DNS queries on your network.


[IP_address] host_name host_name_short ...

Example: router OpenWrt localhost debian-server ubuntu-laptop

I realized in my configuration (I am using default) dnsmasq is looking in /tmp/hosts/dhcp.cfg0* for answering DNS queries on my lan and not /etc/hosts.

I am using openwrt 18.06.01
Is this normal behavior not reflected in docs?

Please confirm these entries are on multiple lines.

Yes, of course, it is only a formatting glitch.
It is supposed to be a blockquote, a direct copy from Openwrt Project documentation.

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That behaviour is the (expected) internal method used by uci to build configuration files on the fly, mixing the (parsed) contents of /etc/config and /etc.