Dnslookup (dnsmasq or busybox) not compiled right if ipv6 disabled

I have configured OpenWRT not to use ipv6 to save space.
dnslookup seems to have problem with that.
Even disabled there seems that it tries to lookup ipv6
I'm dnsmasq but think lookup is managed of busybox...

Any idea how to compile right, or is it a bad idea to disabled ipv6?

nslookup www.google.com
Address 1: localhost

Name: www.google.com
Address 1: 2800:3f0:4002:806::2004
Address 2: eze04s04-in-f4.1e100.net

nslookup swc30

Name: swc30
Address 1:
*** Can't find swc30: No answer

Not surprising, as both of those applications are typically compiled for IPv6 (as are many/most these days).

Further, just because you don't have an IPv6 stack up and running, it doesn't mean that IPv6 results won't be returned by a DNS query. Return of an AAAA record also doesn't mean that a connection would be made over IPv6, especially if you (a) don't have routable, IPv6 addresses on your interfaces and (b) don't have IPv6 routes covering the "remote" address in the routing table.