Dnscrypt version?


I have netgear R7800 and I use dnsCrypt v2 . but I would like to try the last one, 2.0.42 . So which version of 2.0.42 I would need for my setup?


You need to use the OpenWRT package, which you can download from the OpenWRT website or using the LuCI web interface. It's listed as dnscrypt-proxy2 and the latest version 2.0.42 is available. Setting it up is not straight-forward, so look for OpenWRT specific guides if you can't figure it out.

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Ok thanks.
Cause via entware the last version seems to be 2.0.39

Yep, R7800 is the ARM Cortex A15 neon right? dnscrypt-proxy2_2.0.42-1. It's from the (today released) 19.07.3 page but of course, it's the same file for 19.07.2.

where you took the download link?
also, I have another r7800 on dd wrt, do you think I can take this link too?

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