Dnscrypt-proxy2 and wake on lan

I can't turn my PC on over Wake-On-Lan anymore. Seemingly, dnscrypt-proxy2 is to blame. I set it up using https://openwrt.org/docs/guide-user/services/dns/dnscrypt_dnsmasq_dnscrypt-proxy2
What settings do I change to make Wake-On-Lan work under dnscrypt-proxy2?

from where ?
using what ?

From my home local network, using any app that can send "magic packets". Be it Anydesk or Mixplorer on Android.

using IP, MAC or host name ?

I have no idea how they work

you know what you put into the app, don't you ?

In Anydesk it's just an Anydesk ID. In MiXplorer, I have an SMB location bookmark that has an IP, MAC, wol= and hostname=HOME