DNSCrypt Configuration File

does anyone know why my dnscrypt-proxy2 config file keeps reverting to a prior config upon reboot?

install openwrt w/ dnscrypt-proxy2 package embedded
configure file using ssh and vi, then save and exit with shift+z twice
dns drops off...hmm ok i'll add another server to the config
edit the config with the additional server, then save and exit with shift+z twice
dns working
dns drops off
config file back to prior state w/o additional server

what in the world...done as much as i can on my end...

Are you using servers from the “public resolvers” source list? Or a subset of them, or just a single “resolver”.

hi ruralroots, apologies I finally figured out what is happening here...I copied the text regarding dnscrypt-proxy setup into the openwrt firmware-selector-tool and that meant that on every reboot it was re-writing that code over and over which included the line:
sed -i "32 s/./server_names = ['google', 'cloudflare']/" /etc/dnscrypt-proxy2/.toml

silly me. i actually didn't know it would run that every time, i thought it was only the first boot after installing openwrt. oh well got it figured out now but thanks so much for reaching out

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