DNS weight / metric

I thought I mention that I could not find any information about the /etc/config/network option

option dns_metric '0'

in the beginners guide wiki. i looked into network and dns config.. nada ...
It would be great if this configuration option would list in the network configuration wiki. And maybe a sentence on how to use it. :wink:

You're right: I didn't see mention either and had not looked until seeing your thread.

I based my usage off a thread I was studying.

interface-ip: DNS name server sorting support in resolv.conf.auto

Interface name servers when being written to resolv.conf.auto are sorted
based on the following parameters:
-Primary sorting key is interface dns_metric; name servers having lowest
interface dns_metric are listed first
-Secondary sorting key is interface metric; in case of equal interface
dns_metric name servers having lowest interface metric are listed first
-Finally alphabetical order of the interface names in case of equal
interface dns_metric and metric

In case the resolver queries the multiple servers in the order
listed; sorting is usefull in the following scenarios :
-Name resolving over a main and backup interface
-Assign priority to IPv6 name servers over IPv4 or vice versa