DNS server change (pihole/adguard) not working

So, i want to test out AdGuard and/or setting up a new piHole using my Proxmox server.
Currently my PiHole is set to, and it blocks adds like a champ.

But now i want to hand over the DNS and Blocking tasks to .120 or .125 (pihole2 and AdGuard) to see how that works out.

But i cant for the life of me get the router or any devices to react to me changing the DNS ip.
Currently i have Network > DHCP and DNS > General Settings > DNS Forwardings to .120 and .125
I previously had .100 there, but i removed that and changed to 120 and 125. Then saved and rebooted.

But nothing changes, even after several days and power cycles on all devices. (My Mac references as its DNS server). What other places could override this?

After looking through all tabs i can find, the Interfaces > LAN > DHCP Server >Advanced Settings contain a "DHCP option" that is set to 6, But i dont know what this does.

Any suggestions on how to sort this, or how to troubleshoot?

It does the thing you want to change to .120 or .125.


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