DNS rebind error // Using OpenWrt as AP only behind firewall

I've probably answered my own question here, but wanted to confirm as I'm not 100% sure :slight_smile:

I'm running the latest OpenWrt 19.0.4 as an access point only, shunting all DNS and DHCP requests to a pfSense firewall system. pfSense is running pfBlocker and is using DNS block lists that remap DNS requests to blocked sites to an internal address (i.e.,

Am I correct to say that as the upstream DNS request returns an internal/private IP, that this is the cause of the rebind log entry and that this is expected behaviour?

That seems likely. Is it causing any issues or are you just getting a log entry?


No real issues at present - the MR33 can be a bit finicky from time to time though this is likely related to the fact it has three radio antennnas that need to be carefully configured, which I probably haven't figured out yet!

Yes it is, and you can disable this in the DNS config page:


It prevents a global DNS response that can lead you to Private IP space.

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Do you reckon I'm safe enough disabling this with my current setup? Basically....

'Bridged Modem --- pfSense/PfBlocker (DNS/DHCP Server) --- Meraki AP (OpenWRT) --- Wifi Clients

Appreciate the responses you guys, always learning!