DNS problems? ISP-box no longer reachable

Hello, I have a small problem, that I suspect a DNS problem. My OpenWRT stands behind the ISP router (which is producing a local network 192.168.1.x). My OpenWRT lan is 10.0.0.x, my OpenWrt wireless 10.137.0.x ; Internet works great, from lan and wireless.

But somehow accessing the ISP router itself does not work as expected: if I ask in firefox/chrome htpps:// (=admin webpage of ISP box) I get "server not found". Ping does work,though. For some reason, the browser translates in " mabbox.bytel.fr " and does not find it. Actually the google DNS does not find it neither. I guess it is a stupid "local" DNS name that the ISP-box generates. How can I acces this page now? Thank you

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You need to add a static route for your upstream device on OpenWrt router:


In your case the target is While the gateway is the IP address of you WAN interface.

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Thx, pwned. The WAN interface has two IP's, one in the ISP network (192.168.1.X) one "internal" in the 10.X.Y.Z range right? Which one do I have to use ?

If you look at the WAN interface on OpenWrt box' Webinterface you can see a line called: IPv4.
The IP after that is the IP/Gateway address of your WAN interface. Usually it has 1 IPv4 address only.

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Since ping works it seems the problem isn't routing but that the ISP box seems to redirect to mabbox.bytel.fr. In that case the solution is to add the hostname mabbox.bytel.fr with IP address to OpenWrt (or to the clients).


Thanks mikma. That means write an "additional hosts file" an put in it the 3 lines

config host
option ip
option name mabbox.bytel.fr



Thank you. That did it

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