DNS Parental control and multi SSID


I've got a question regarding dnsmasq setup with multiple interfaces (and SSID).

I would like to set an interface with opendns as the main DNS and continue to have a forward for specific domains (AD,...)

I've setup in Server Settings:
-Domain required
-DNS Forwarding

In Interfaces:
-WWAN : Use DNS servers advertised by peer
-Children: I've added Use Custom DNS Server with opendns IP

My issue is that I can't predict which DNS will resolv request.
I was thinking that when connected to Children network, request will go to my forwarder for specific subnet (it works) and all the other domains will be forwarded to declared openDNS server (random)
And for machines connected to other network, it will be WWan DHCP DNS instead of openDNS

In fact, it is completely random, from time to time, request are pushed from any network to openDNS, and sometime requests from Children network is not forwarded to openDNS.

Any idea of something wrong on my setup ? Is DNSMASQ able to manage this ?
I can't reconfigure the DHCP option to only declare openDNS on the Children network as I need to resolve local networks.

If DNSMASQ is not the solution, do you know another DNS server able to apply different setup depending on incomming IP address ?

Many thanks for your help :slight_smile:

These are 2 possible solutions to your problem.

I run two separate LANs: one for the kid, and another one for the other devices. Each network has different SSIDs and passwords, and I just allow forwarding for specific devices (a printer). Each network has it's own dnsmasq instance, configured with different upstream servers.

ok, thanks,

I'm going to do that. Do you keep a "central" dnsmasq for DHCP and local reverse resolution, or will it be "automanaged" by each instance ?

Not sure that I understood the question...

Each instance acts both as a DNS and DHCP server for a network, and are independent from each other.