Depends on DNS servers you use. For example, Quad9 throttles DoT intentionally. Generally DoH should be slower than DoT because of bigger overhead. DNS over HTTP/3 is expected to be even slower. But again, it depends on numerous factors like encryption algorithm or TLS mode (1.2 vs 1.3), or network type.


All these various methods of DNS - which don't really do anything much for larger-picture security or reliability - seem to me a bunch of "robbing Peter to pay Paul".

Sure, the tech giants like Google, etc, get a few shreds of a percent faster speed, pretty much, at the huge expense of all the network admins of the world - which is to say, at the expense of huge amounts of human misery - who have to scratch their heads for a long time to figure how to secure and administer all these over-complicated, over-optimized protocols.