DNS Oddities 21.02.2 vs 22.03.2

I use unbound which fowards local queries to dnsmasq. All worked fine under 21.02.2. Under 21.02.2 dnssec and the ntp fix were enabled for unbound and dnssec for dnsmasq. Same for 22.03.2. Using dnsmasq-full.

Under 22.03.2 I must restart dnsmasq manually post boot before name resolution works properly for local queries.

On system startup under 22.03.2, I notice the following log error:

/bin/sh/: /etc/hotplgud.d/ntp/25-unbound: line 23: can't create /var/lib/unbound/hotplug.time: nonexistent directory

Thoughts, guidance?

The directory is created by the
Unbound startup script, so if the time syncs before Unbound attempts to start, you would get that error.

The solution: Uncheck DNSSEC NTP Fix in the Recursive DNS (unbound) config.

Everything works fine after that, even with DNSSEC enabled.