DNS nameservers are wrong

I'm trying to avoid the use of my isp's nameservers for dns but despite the fact that i've configured 'DNS forwardings' to OpenDNS, my isp is still being used (i think) according to logread:

Tue Sep 24 20:41:11 2019 daemon.info dnsmasq[3850]: 78 forwarded 17.client-channel.google.com to

How can i ensure that my isp's nameservers are not used?


config interface 'wan'
	option peerdns '0'

Thanks. I wonder why that isn't an option in the luci ui?

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It is.

Sorry - i see it now. So it looks like the DNS servers i actually want are configurable in two places ..?

You should only configure in one location. WAN is a usual location.

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I was thinking of "DHCP and DNS"->"DNS forwardings"

Although it is not wrong to use in case of unconditional forwarding, it is mostly used when you need to forward DNS queries to a custom port or utilize conditional forwarding.
Upstream resolvers are more convenient to set up relying on network interfaces which typically allows to use interface-specific configurations, e.g. independent IPv4 and IPv6 resolvers or connection-specific resolvers.