DNS leaks with protonvpn on both Linksys EA8300 and EA8100 v2

I bought two Linksys routers that could run Openwrt, and after an interesting ordeal that it took to install Openwrt on both of them (in hindsight I wouldn't have picked the two apparent worst experiences to install Openwrt of all time) and following the official tutorial followed by several unofficial tutorials I found my dns being leaked every single time I attempted to use protonvpn to route my traffic through it. I tried an alternate openvpn tutorial on the forum here, I attempted to use a wireguard tutorial I found, I even tried reading about rules to block dns from leaking here and older versions of protonvpns tutorials despite being on the latest version. Nothing works and I always seem to have my dns leaked whenever I set up a vpn on both routers. I have heard in the past that proton will tell you that its your hardware's fault and it can't handle it, but is that really the case. Both of these have full versions of the latest stable openwrt and yet they both don't work? I am thinking this is either a flaw in protonvpn or a flaw in their tutorial. Oh and I tried a snapshot version on one of the routers and it didn't work either so I just flashed back. If anyone can make sense of why this tutorial doesn't work:

I would really appreciate it if some of the intelligent people here don't make my money spent for absolutely nothing.

How did you test for DNS leaks?

Run/enable the VPN and post results form here.

I get this: (which is NOT my DNS server, but the VPN's server)

Test complete

Query round Progress... Servers found 1 ...... 1 2 ...... 1 3 ...... 1 4 ...... 1 5 ...... 1 6 ...... 1

IP Hostname ISP Country None Latitude-sh New York, United States

I used ipleak.net and the site you sent me, every single time my dns leaked, I followed the original tutorial for openvpn, I even used this tutorial for wireguard and the dns leaked.

Are your DHCP Settings static?
Same results on all devices?

I only ever modified my DHCP settings once, an attempt to redirect it to the dns server protonvpn gave me, nothing happened, it leaked anyways. Could it really be possible that both of these routers can't well handle openvpn or something, their stats seem more than enough to handle them.

Think of it this way, my settings were completly stock besides an updating of the packages and use of both of those tutorials, any time they didn't work I reset the config to make sure nothing would interfere, every time the dns would leak.

Windows is messing with DNS right now.

Try an android device; they seem to be immune to this, particular, crap.

I use linux, but do you think the dns leak is on my devices end and not the routers? I have an older router running protonvpn and 19.7 openwrt and it still works fine, sadly I lost the password for it atm so I can't find out how it works but I got it working fine and it didn't leak the dns on the linux pc I am using at the moment. Lucky that the vpn function hasn't expired yet.

Post replies to these:

You may be asked for some more calls.

Just a question, I formatted my configuration on both so do you want me to set up the vpn again?

Nope; that is beyond me.

Let's just make it easy for the next person.

So do you think doing this will allow someone to help fix my issue?

They are the most basic calls for diagnostics.

Okay, well I'll have to set up everything up and I'll be back in a few minutes to post it all, thank you for the help.

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You have WebRTC disabled/blocked, right?

You probably have a DNS leak because the OpenWRT OpenVPN implementation does not deal with the pushed DNS servers by default.

See for some background information: https://github.com/egc112/OpenWRT-egc-add-on/tree/main/stop-dns-leak

See for the script I am using to deal with this: https://github.com/egc112/OpenWRT-egc-add-on/tree/main/stop-dns-leak/use-openvpn-dns

Yes it is blocked.

Thank you very much for this information I hope it can fix my issue.

I was planning on posting the info about my routers but I had to do stuff all day and I know that I have to block out stuff before I post it. Hopefully this fixes my DNS issue and I don't have to deal with that.

However, I am really bad with this whole tech stuff so it might take me a long time to understand that github page.

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Sorry, there is another VPN DNS vector attack I forgot to link.