DNS leaking on wireguard (Mullvad)

This is the second time i have gone thru this. Whatever worked on my other router did not work here.

I followed the Mullvad wireguard instructions and placed the mullvad dns in the firewall as instructed and the proper DHCP-options in lan.

That didnt work at all. It showed my wireguard IP and leaked the dns. i placed the ipaddress for mullvads DNS in the netmask ipv4 section at now it gives me google dns in taiwan (Im in EU). I went to check on dnsleaktest.com and did an extended test and still get the taiwan address for google only.

Is this safe or an issue I need to fix? The server is for japan wireguard. When I did the other router it showed up no leaks when i checked via mullvad.

  • Have you made routes for the IPs of the DNS servers you configured - to use your Wireguard interface?
  • Did you add your DNS servers to the System, LAN or WAN section?

Yes I did exactly like the instructions. When i do that instructions say it still shows my local internet service.

In lan i set the dhcp options there. If I leave out the ipv4 netmask it shows local provider. If i add in the IPv4 netmask it gives google taiwan. Thats using the ip address.

Interesting thing is my other desktop plugged in to the router directly shows the proper response to the DNS leak test. But the laptop when plugged in shows google taiwan

Check your network settings on the laptop ( dns settings )

Ok thanks. Now Im having another issue. On wireless using my mobile I can connect to internet. But not using the laptop on wireless. Shows internet but no connection.

I pull a second laptop and connects to wireless but says no internet.

Just rebooted it and freezes. For a time when i turn it back on it shows network openwrt then goes to unidentified network and I cant access at all....