DNS is only forwarded on wifi

Hello guys.
In a Proxmox lab there is OPNSense, AdGuard home, etc., and the AP with apdump OpenWrt 23.05.2 (ath9k) (without DSA)
OPNSense manages network. There are 4 vlans:
Manage = 5.0/24
Services = 10.0/24
Home = 20.0/24
DMZ = 30.0/26
I passed DNS to AdGuard and configured OPN to deliver DNS (10.5) via DHCP to the Home network. Equipment that connects to the Home network via wireless receives DNS 10.5 or or and browses normally, however equipment connected via cable does not receive the DNS address (10.5 or or only the firewall IP (
dnsmasq, firewall and odhcpd are disabled. the homes interface is "Unmanaged" without ip. I tested with static ip (20.2/24).

This is a setting of the DHCP server and from my understanding the OPN is acting as such. Therefore the problem is not relevant to OpenWrt.

I do not understand why. Note that the radio is associated with the same bridge as the wired interface/vlan.
Note that via wireless the dns/ip/mask/gateway address is delivered normally and on cable only the dns address is not delivered.
Sorry for the lack of knowledge, but how could this be a problem with the OPN configuration?

Because you wrote yourself that the DNS/DHCP server are not provided by OpenWrt.

I would analyze the traffic on the OPN instance and look for the DHCP messages.