DNS help Asus rt-n16

Hi guys

I just installed LEDE onto my Asus RT-N16.

DNS is causing me issues. It will not stop using the DNS provided by my ISP, which is a problem because my ISP blocks some sites redirecting them to an ISP block page.

I'm not sure whether I've hit a bug in my firmware or whether i missed something. I entered my DNS via the webui Network-->dhcp and DNS section of the webui.

I went to my WAN interface (which is PPOE to a modem) and checked the box to ignore the DNS provided by it.

And i went to the LAN interface and entered the custom DNS

I even tried ssh-ing in and adding nameservers to /etc/resolve.conf

Any suggestions?

EDIT: Turns out i missed entering the custom dns on the LAN interface. Maybe i forgot to save it. Thanks anyway guys :slight_smile:

You need to uncheck Use DNS servers advertised by peer in the WAN config.

Then, all you should have to do is enter the custom DNS servers for the WAN and LAN, Save & Apply, and that's it.

Your network adapters on you computer(s) should be set to get DNS automatically.