DNS don't work proper way

Hi community! Im using x86 recent snapshot OpenWrt, my connectons is PPPoE i've replaced DNS onto my WAN and LAN interface with, when i use some test's like DNSleak it shows my DNS, but when i open resolv.conf.ppp, it shows provider DNS! And it works as provider DNS!. The problem: When i plug cable into my PC directly and bind NIC in windows DNS, it pings openwrt stable 54msec and that's how it should work. But when i using router it shows 70msec stable and this is totally reliable for my ISP DNS.


What does this mean?

  • Plug what cable directly into what?
  • Ping what?
  • Is "router" and "OpenWrt" two different devices?
  • How is ping related to DNS?

So...what's not working the proper way? :confused:

Ok, guess i wrote it a little bit complicated. Problem is: resolv.conf.ppp keeps ISP DNS even i've replaced it in WAN PPPoE settings.

Simple inquiry:

Does DNSLeak show or your ISP's servers?

At start -
after i press WAN Restart -


Please show the WAN (and relevant PPoE/DSL) sections of /etc/config/network - I want to ensure you configured this at the correct location:



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That is the DNS announced by your ISP, but that does not mean that the router is using it. Check that you have disabled (on the WAN interface) the option to use those DNS, and do not worry.


Marked as solution, thanks!

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