DMZ + IPv6 for Domain (Ubiquiti EdgeRouter X)

Hi, all

I acquired, since days, the Ubiquiti EdgeRouter X, for my home.
I Installed 19.07.1 on this router. (Before I used OPNsense on other hardware)

I've 4 switches, the last two for WIFI and DMZ zones. Egual, for the IPv6 connexions, I use the IPv6 tunnel HE. And it runs correctly. I assume.

I've not any problem for my LAN, and WIFI zones.

On the DMZ, I've one machine. Traffic on IPv4 run without any problem (Port Forwarding is ok). But, I dont known how to get a result with IPv6. His IPv6 address is 2001:470:cc33::3.

On this machine, I've run nsd service - a native resolver DNS - on OpenBSD stable 6.6.
(For the moment, it's the only service; no web or others…)

It's possible to ping6 on, but not dig it!

My switches:

My zones:

(Actually, for the DMZ, I accept on all - just for test)

My Trafic rule:

Any suggestion to resolve and permit service (notify, transfer, requests) on domain (TCP/UDP) on my server?

OK, I found the reason of the problem: the PF rules (firewall rules) on my server.


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