DLNA on TL-WDR4300

Hello! Soon to be a new user here, I have one question before I go ahead and flash.

So in the OpenWrt wiki, it says the DLNA server needs >8Mb space for flashing to work. TL-WDR4300 has exactly 8Mb, could DLNA work anyways? If not then I guess MiniDLNA is the next best thing. If so, does anyone know if MiniDLAN supports .mp4?

Thing is that the Media Service that comes from default with TL-WDR4300 don't support .mp4 and I happen to have quite a lot of movies in .mp4, also it doesn't support sharing .srt subs either.
So if OpenWrt does support, it could solve these issues, I could be flashing ASAP. (Tv is an LG WebOS if that helps, I know it support the files I'm trying to see cuz if I connect the drive locally instead of the network, it plays them)

Thank you for your help.

The major issue is the amount of deps that gets pulled in, you'll have a hard time even if you use stock config and just add MiniDLNA. (lib)ffmpeg can get quite big and ~4Mbytes out of ~7.5Mbytes are already used by the base system so you need to strip out a lot of functionality out of ffmpeg to keep it down in size in order to fit everything else which I doubt is even possible. I'd say that 16Mbyte is bare minimum and if you have less than ~256Mbyte of RAM you will need a swap partition/file.

Sidenote: A very generic light but usable build of ffmpeg 4.1 is about 2.2Mbyte on MIPS32.


Thank you for answering.

So seems that this router its starved out of space to use DLNA or MiniDLAN. I may need to buy an upgrade, thank you for saving me a few hours or work and headaches! :smiley:

Yeah, that would make life easier for you, especially that you could get something like 16 MB FLA and 128 MB RAM for cheap, though it might be better to consider 32 / 256.

By the way, you could look into exroot, which you can use to "extend" the flash space using a USB stick. I never tried it but you will find lot of material an discussions about it in the Wiki and the forum.

Yes it does. I'm running miniDLNA on Archer C7 serving essentially MP4 files. Though, keep in mind that you need to make sure that your TV plays MP4 (it will most likely do, by worth mentioning). The router will not do any transcoding; that's left for the client.

MP4 is a container format, so the answer depends on the codec used. Though, a modern TV should be fine. You could probably put some files on a USB stick and connect it to the TV to check.

I have Archer C7 V2 (that's 16/128) running Samba and minDLNA, plus ntfs-3g and some bandwidth monitoring packages, and still have over 2 MB of free flash. So 16 MB can comfortably fit miniDLNA and Samba (but would be tight for adding more packages), and 128 MB Ram shroud be fine for this use.

You will run out of memory during indexing if you're only on 128Mbyte of RAM


Not sure what you're trying to prove, it easily eats up 128Mbyte during indexing but if you're going to stand by it be my guest. https://github.com/RMerl/asuswrt-merlin/wiki/Minidlna:--Common-Issues-&-Solutions etc

I'm not trying to prove anything; I'm only stating that I haven't seen t eating up the memory.

For the sake of trial, I deleted the miniDLNA db and album art folder and restarted the router. Total available memory before I do that was about 45 MB. Now, while it's indexing, total available memory is around 55 MB (I'm not suggesting that it uses negative amount of memory--just saying it doesn't really eat up memory as you think).

I expect it to finish indexing the 2425 files (470 GB) in 45 minutes, and that's off NTFS USB 2.0 disk by the way.