DLNA Media Server buffering lots of memory

I am experiencing a strange behavior of minidlna on my x86 router.

When minidlna is enabled and running, it is buffering lots of memory and I don't know why that is.
Once I disable it and reboot the system, everything is back to normal. But as soon as I fire minidlna back up, memory gets eaten.
One could say this is because it is scanning the media files, but I stays like this forever.
Even stranger is the fact that the processes page doesn't show me who is using the buffered ram.
I also experience random "disconnects" while streaming from the dlna server. It sometimes even leads my tv to reboot.

See attached two screenshots taken shortly after boot, one with minidlna enabled and one with it beeing disabled.


This is normal behavior it's not Minidlna using the ram it's the kernel which keeps file data in ram in case it needs it. If it needs more ram it will just drop some buffered data, it's not a problem at all.


Or change the location of this file