Dlink dir_860L B1

I have a router dir_860l b1 that was made for memory erase and I do not have full dump flash file and I want someone to help me and send to the dump file full please

What is your aim? To restore stock state or revive device? It's possible to burn breed bootloader to start something like openwrt firmware.

Memory erased by mistake So I want full dump flash please help me

I don't have device but can try to build dump for reviving (breed bootloader + openwrt firmware).

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Thank you very much for your cooperation with me

I can't find a breed boot for this device

Try this image.
By default breed don't support dlink firmware image format. But breed must start web-recovery. If Ok - you can connect with telnet and try to boot openwrt:

boot flash 0x50040
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need original boot to auto boot

You can configure breed to autoboot (see breed docs).

  1. Configure environment
  2. Set autoboot command:
    autoboot.command "boot flash 0x50040"
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please can i use ddwrt system instead of openwrt system and i'm sorry if you allow me to create a dump ddwrt auto boot

Where do I get the breed web in English and not Chinese like the one inside the dump I sent to

If you want ddwrt raise your requests on their forum.

This is the openwrt forum. If your questions are not about flashing openwrt to your device then they should not be raised here.

Breed is developed by a Chinese developer, he does not create an English version


I just want to know the autoboot start address by breed boot and ttl serial .
He's at the top, he gave me the auto-boot address, and it actually worked. I want to know how to figure out where to get the start .

Where do you get the boot start address from
0x50040 ??

Serge provided you the autoboot address.


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Yes, I understand that, but I want to know where to get it

I'm not sure that breed can start dd-wrt

Translate it yourself as I did

Inspect openwrt firmware image.

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How do I translate breed boot? And what is that, I need an original complete dump file

You can use js-script for your browser (search google) or unpack original breed and make binary patch.

Or at least original bootloader. Full dump may contain private data.

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