DLink DIR-853 A3

Hi @kar200 ,

Can you please upload (link on couple posts above has expired) the latest version of openwrt encrypted in order to flash through the web UI on stock firmware or point me out how can i encrypt it myself?


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Hi @mitsos,

It seems that @s_2 has created a very easy way to encrypt the factory file. I have not tested the file itself as I do not own the device. I just downloaded the factory file for the DIR-853-A3 from the openwrt and encrypted it with his tool. You need to be aware that bricking your device will not be recoverable without using a USB TTL.

Before sharing the file I want to share how to use the tool as the download link expires after a while.

This is taken from here

git clone https://github.com/s-2/firmware-utils.git
cd firmware-utils
git checkout dlink-sge-image_2k23
cmake .
make dlink-sge-image

Then use the tool to encrypt the image. Running the tool will give help on how to use it. For the snapshot version these commands can be used.

wget https://downloads.openwrt.org/snapshots/targets/ramips/mt7621/openwrt-ramips-mt7621-dlink_dir-853-a3-squashfs-factory.bin
./dlink-sge-image DIR-853 openwrt-ramips-mt7621-dlink_dir-853-a3-squashfs-factory.bin openwrt-dir-853-enc.bin

This file is version 23.05-rc2. Again I have not tested it myself.



Hello! I used the padavan firmware for my dlink 853 a3, but I cannot connect to the router using its stock password. What is the router password for the padavan firmware? Thanks for all the help

Did you ask the padavan project? Hint we aren't it.

Hi, Sir
@kar200 @dlinkETA3
i am facing problem to admin login & wifi DIR853-A3 stock FW , as i lost/missing my router Device info Label (Sticker).
i am beginner so any easy way to recover it ?

Hi guys, i am having this same router but having an issue where in my devices can't detect each other in the same 5ghz network such as for file transferring using LAN but this doesn't occur in 2.4ghz network, could someone pls assist me on how to solve this issue. Also if it helps my router patch is currently on:

Current Firmware Version: ET853PNP-2.01-B01D05
Current Firmware Date: 2022-05-27 10:26:08

If anyone knows a fix pls reply........it has been bugging me for a long time

i'm also having same problem

just had this experience and I didn't see anyone mentioning it, I recently got this device and it had the Etisalat firmware, I didn't make a backup of it as I don't care about stock fw and I don't want to solder any pins, I tried to upgrade it to latest stock firmware and it didn't accept it, it will only allow et firmware even when trying to flash it through stock web interface, though openwrt works fine, so if you have et model and use openwrt or anything else, do not try to go back to stock with the available decrypted firmware, you will most likely get a brick

hi i am tired of ETisalt firrware and was trying to download your firmware. The link expired. Can you please help me with the firmware . Looking forward . Kindly share the instruction to use the same as well


Hello i am facing a problem with my dlink 853 A 3
My 2.4G is not showing and cannot be on
It show me generic 802.11bg

How to fix these issues

Which version of openwrt are you using? I though they had fixed the issue in this commit.

You need to make sure the first radio "radio0" is set at 2.4GHZ for the second one to work in 5GHZ. You should then be able to see both on and working.


How can i fix these issue another strange thing happen with these router first time it was showing 5Ghz in mobile and pc and randomly got disappear not it not showing 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz

Flash this file from the web interface. Do not keep the changes and try and setup again


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Thanks dear

I've created a YouTube video tutorial on how to install OpenWRT software on the Etisalat DIR 853 Et/A3 router. I wanted to give credit to @kar200 for their assistance in this endeavor.

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I thought the firmware needed to be encrypted with D-Link's key to be accepted as legitimate update? Also, it'd been nice if you included in the video and description where to download the OpenWrt firmware in the first place.

The Dlink firmware (through web interface) only accepts encrypted files - You need an encrypted openwrt image.

Upgrading from openwrt to a newer openwrt image only accepts non-encrypted firmware.

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Yes, that's what I mean. In @Mazid's video, he did not make it clear where he got the firmware from or if it was encrypted, but it's been uploaded to the stock web UI nonetheless and shown to work.