DLink dir-842 support

I've got a friend with a DLink DIR-842. I'm not yet sure which version, C1, C2, C3 but assuming I can figure that out, I'm going to try to get him to install OpenWrt on it so that we can mitigate his rather severe bufferbloat/packet loss issues during video conferencing and online gaming.

I see this is a device that has had snapshot support since about a year ago. Does anyone have experience with this device and can say whether there are any pitfalls or gotchas? This will be me walking him through it over the phone, so I hope it's relatively smooth and want to know about any likely glitches so I can be prepared ahead of time!

Be aware that there are DIR-842 A1 - A3 versions that are realtek based and unsupported.

thanks! that's also useful to know. What's the identifying data? Is it sufficient for me to get him to take a picture of the nameplate on the device?

Turns out the nameplate was sufficient, it's a model B something... so basically not supported. I'm going to give him one of my old routers an old tp-link device and see how that goes.