DLink DIR-825 struck by lightning - replacement


As the title suggests, unfortunately lightning struck my street and the current broke a ton of my hardware.
Initially I thought only the power supply was fried (I have a second dir-825 and testing the lan ports seemed to yield an okay result, I only have gotten half of the speed on the ports, but I thought that was a routing issue because the device was used in a different setup), so I ordered one for 10 bucks. However it seems the WAN port is fried as well as there is no connection to be made. Upon opening the device, I couldn't find a visible or measurable issue, however I noticed, that even though it wasn't used, a resistor related to the USB port was fried as well.

TLDR: I am looking for a replacement for the DIR-825 for openwrt. Minimum is the same specs (dualband wifi, same ram and flash size), ideally a bit more flash. Thing is I found a used device for 30 bucks (b2). Anything in that price tag I can get?

Thank you in advance!

DIR-825 = 8/64MB, Gigabit, Dualband wifi

Please check if you find something suitable for you: https://openwrt.org/toh/views/toh_available_864_ac-wifi_gbit-eth

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I wouldn’t buy anything with less than 16/128 these days. From reputable manufacturers the field opens up around $50-75 (Edit: as 5 GHz seems required).

@tmomas -- That's a rather strange list that gets returned by the query, even just scanning the flash and RAM columns.

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If only wan port is fired, you can still use the device and configure one of lan ports as wan.


That is an excellent point and what I am doing so far. But given that also the USB port was fried (which has not been used) and the resistor in front of it looks like a blob or caramel, I am unsure how far this thing will work, and if it fails, if it will take any other components with it.
What is interesting as well is that instead of the ~950MBit/s I get on my other 825 with two clients running iperf across the router, this one only gets up to 450MBit/s. I am not sure if this is a side effect of the frying or if it is a routing thing because said router was set up to be a dumb switch (through the wan port, no less), and the test was done without the main router connected to its wan, and I remember ping working fine but giving back a "hop" message.
It is also weird that the strike came through router1's wan port, went to lan3, to the wan port of the now broken router, where it broke the power supply, the usb port, and the wan port. However router1 is absolutely fine.

That sounds like speeds that you'd only obtain with the switch, not with routing through the CPU. The halving of speed suggests to me that either there is internal damage to the switch fabric, or one or both of the phys involved are only running half-duplex (perhaps due to a short or other damage on one of the pairs).


Half of speed is probably because now there is only one gigabit eth0 in use. I like DIR-825b1, it was a good one for that time, but wifi is not very powerful though.

But if only switch is in use, it is weird.

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Thank you. The list is surprisingly short. Are those really all of the recommended devices with my minimum requirements? It seems odd because 4 (or rather 5 if you include the wan port) Gbit/s ports and dualband wifi aren't hard to come by I assume?

Test setup was both linux computers connected to the lan ports and running iperf. I ran multiple tests to make sure to test all lan ports. The results were the same across all ports on a per router basis, so all tests on router1 yielded 950MBit/s, and on router2 it was about 420 or 450MBit/s (I don't recall the exact number, but I do know it was not exactly half of router1's result, but slightly lower).

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What exactly do you find strange?

Feel free to filter yourself through the complete list (incl. 8/64, FastEthernet, bgn only, ...), or through the list of discontinued devices.