Dlink Dir 2680 Ac2600 Ver A1

Dlink Dir 2680 Ac2600 Ver A1 firamware please

If the device isn’t in the table of hardware it’s not supported

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Please design firmware i well paid you amount

You do it for me, I am ready to pay you please design firmware

How much money will you take for this?

This is my hobby, I have no interest in paid commissions.

I don't own this device and creating an image without the device is very unlikely to be successful. If you want a port of openwrt to this device you will need to do the work yourself.

Plus, it's a Lantiq SOC with all lantiq radios - that will mean starting from scratch. Best of luck.

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firmware installation Dlink Dir 2680 Ac 2600 A1 DIR825 B1 ???

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