DLink DGL-5500 Gig capable with OpenWrt

Hi All,

This is my first post and first time I am using Open WRT. I flashed my DLink DGL-5500 with Open WRT and had some growing pains but read alot in the documentation and it is almost sorted out..

I am having some speed issues with the Router. I am on XFinity Gig service and have 1Gig Down/ 40Mbps Up.. now I had issues with this router in its origianl state and swapped it out with another Router DIR-879.

Now the 879 seemed to have fixed the Wired connection but the wireless was really poor. So I remembered about this kind of firmware available and decided to give it a shot..

Well I finally got the firmware installed and when I run a speedtest online through the wire the speeds are about 200Mbps down.. now with the DIR-879 I was pulling 950Mbps easy..

I have not even tried the wireless with the DGL-5500 as the wired is really poor I can't see the wireless being great..

Now I did find the guide for the DGL-5500 and found out I needed to get SQM so I installed that and setup per guide to 95% of my up/down speeds and ran the speedtest it still was at around 200Mbps.. Now I have not tried from my Modem but it is in Bridge mode so it makes it tough to change out..

Now my Question is will the DGL-5500 with the Open WRT Installed be capable of pulling in 950Mbps Wired?? I just got the gig speed and had the comcast guy come out a week ago and when he hooked up to the modem it easily obtained that speed..

That is when I thought my old DGL-5500 was no good anymore and tried hooking up the DIR-879 which worked for a while and now I am having the slow speeds again..

This is when I decided to give Open WRT a chance but so far still in the same boat..
Here are my PC SPecs incase but it is a more then capable machine I am at a loss here.

  1. Intel i5 7600K @ 4.8Ghz
  2. MSI Z270 SLI Motherboard
  3. Asus 1080GTX 8GB
  4. 16GB Corsair Vengence Ram.
  5. Sound Blaster Z
  6. Built in LAN 10/100/1000.

I dont want to be to much more winded so I guess that is the jist of it, if you need more info Please let me know as I am really just wondering if the DGL-5500 will be good enough to do Gig Speeds..

I did earlier on a speedtest get to 950Mbps so I think it is capable I am wondering if either it is capable or not or maybe I need to reconfigure something??

Hi ,

I just did a test I took the modem out of Bridge mode and was connected to the DIR-879 and I was able to get 950Mbps, I then tried to connect the DGL-5500 with WRT Firmware and I was down too 200Mbps so it must be something not configured right..

I will go back to the woodshed and see what I can find out.. but so far it looks like either I am not configured properly or the DGL5500 is not capable..

I have been reading some large threads and it seems the Netgear R8000 is Open WRT Capable. so maybe next year I will buy this Router most likely I will..

But in the meantime if someone can verify that the DGL-5500 is not capable if Gig speeds I would appreciate it..

What is weird when I had 300Mbps this DGL was able to go that fast and then some.. it is just weird now I can barely break 200Mbps even though my speeds are at 950Mbps..

Did you enable flow offloading on the firewall page?

(Also note, on some devices - [hardware] NAT offload features are not available in newer Kernels.)

DIR-879 : 1 GHz dual core MIPS1074K
DGL-5500 : 720 MHz single core MIPS74Kc

So there is quite a bit more CPU power in the 879, and that is what it takes for a Gb ISP, especially with open software that doesn't use some proprietary acceleration features in the chips.

The 5500 may work well as a dumb AP (wired to wireless converter) using the 879 as the main router in a wired role.

R8000 has Broadcom chips and is not recommended for OpenWrt. The R7800 is a decent high-end unit, though with a full Gb ISP you should consider x86 hardware.

I looked in the Firewall page but did not see that mentioned.. I will Google it and I will try and see if I can find out where that is located to turn it on..

@MK24, that is the thing I can get 950Mbps on the wired connection (Not on the DGL-5500) but for wireless I get only 200. Now I know I will not get the full 950Mbps on wireless but I thought I should get around 6-700Mbps at least..

Also I am only a Gig on the Download the Upload is only 50Mbps. So should I still consider x86?? I seen the thread on that will look into it deeper..

Thank you everybody so far..

EDIT: I think I may see the problem here even with my DIR 879 Router.. I was checking and the wirless adapter I have is Only N based.. Would 250Mbps be normal for this adapter?? Also I think I need to find an AC device so later I am going to try an Iphone that has AC I beleive..