DL-WRX36 lowest latency build

I’m trying to optimize my latency/jitter. To clarify, I am not expecting a reduction in latency, just a more stable connection at the best possible latency I can achieve while also maintaining a low jitter.

I have a DL-WRX36. I have 500/20 speeds from Spectrum (cable, DOCSIS 3.1 modem).

What I’ve done so far:
• SQM set to 400/20 with correct MPU values
• Force the CPU to max frequency (around 2GHz)
• Enabled Packet steering
• Enabled Snooping
• The router seems to have already distributed the interrupts evenly without irqbalance so I am not currently using that (or not by manually setting it up at least, maybe it was preset)

Thing I want to try/have heard of:
• Forcing CPU to not idle
• Enabling/building a preemptive kernel (is this even doable?)
• Enabling/building an idle tickless router (this is already on by default, correct?)
• Prioritize/optimize UDP traffic
• Prioritize/optimize CS4 (interactive content) traffic

That’s just what I’ve been able to find myself but I’m fully open to any ideas and willing to guinea pig stuff. I also have a very noob question regarding DNS and DNS filtering. I currently have NextDNS setup on the router, can I add a DNS server in NextDNS that I have a stronger connection to/lower latency to (I understand this doesn’t effect latency) or do I have to use the NextDNS DNS servers?