DIY Router Solution Boards

Do you know any DIY router solutions like or RaspberryPi?

A Raspberry Pi, while a great "compute" device for the price, has slow networking, even with an external Ethernet dongle. I personally have a couple ODROID devices that are similar, but couple their Ethernet adapter to the SoC in a way that they achieve much higher throughput.

ThePC Engines boards have impressed me with their reliability, build quality, and level of support. I run "server" OS on them in several applications. I've read, but haven't confirmed, that the CPU isn't quite sufficient for gigabit throughput with the full-on SQM ("CAKE") that some like to run.

Solid Run makes some interesting product. I haven't touched their current-generation machines myself.

A decent x86_64 motherboard at over 1 GHz is a choice, with an Intel dual-channel Ethernet card, assuming its bandwidth is supported by the PCIe slots on the card.

Lots of eBay/AliExpress/Taobao choices too

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