DIY Router questions

take these Zyxel WSM20 :
you'll have 1 router and 2 additional AP, for less than 100€, available in germany.
But hurry up, because : Only 2 left in stock

rt3200 doesnt have working wpa3 with openwrt


Asus RT-AX53U? I have two and I am happy with them. Seem fast, stable and under 5W power consumpion. Must add that I have them in AP mode because I do routing with a NanoPI R2S.

I have not been impressed with the wifi range of the WRX36 at all. In the same room as the device, the wifi is very fast. It also has a lots of ram and a fast cpu in it so its good for routing and encryption. As a broadcaster it stinks, IMHO. I have one and I'm only keeping it around to play with.

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It looks promising, how is the flashing process? Just uploading the image in the interface or over the ethernet?

nope -