Dividing the Internet connection and limiting the speed of Internet data transfer for each group

Hi everyone!
I'll be getting a fiber connection to my house in a while, and I need some help setting up transmission rate limiting (download as well as upload) to all my home devices. I've read about solutions like tc, luci-app-nft-qos or qos, but I don't know which one is best for my solution and which one is the most future-proof/developmental.

  1. My goal is to configure a network based on 3 routers (one main router as a DHCP server and connection to the Internet (WAN port), and the other 2 as Access Points). However, the problem for me is to configure a router with OpenWRT software, in which I will assign data rates (download and upload) for each group with devices by MAC address (diagram attached).
  2. It would also be a good solution to create an additional group (number 5) to which all undefined devices (unrecognized MAC address) will go and be limited to 1MB/s (download and upload).
  3. Is it possible to limit data transfer between groups only for the WAN interface (Internet connection)? So that data transfer on the local network can be done without speed limits?
  4. In the future, I would also like to think about a solution that, for example, will check whether certain devices (from a given group, for example, group 2) are plugged into the network. If not - group number 1 will increase its transfer speeds to, for example, 10MB/s (download and upload). Is such a solution possible to configure/write?

My network assumptions:

  • All devices are on one network.
  • There are no subnets or VLANs created in the network.
  • All devices are visible with each other.
  • The main router (1) has all settings configured, along with a DHCP server. The other 2 routers serve only as WiFi signal extenders and additional Ethernet ports.
  • Individual groups with devices have transmission bandwidth limits for download and upload. For example: if in group 1 computer 1 downloads at 8MB/s then the other 2 devices (together) have only 2MB/s download.
  • All devices have limitations defined in groups by MAC address regardless of what router they are plugged/connected to.

So I am asking for help and advice on how to implement the given solutions (1-4) (and if they are even possible). What to follow/rely on? Or maybe someone will make a suggestion with a better and simpler solution? :slight_smile:

To users willing to help/advise, thank you very much in advance for your time.